News Wrap-Up 10/16/16


Hi everybody! Quickly let’s do some review to what happened recently. Firstly, that our enthusiasm for #PlanetCoaster continues and continues to grow as we approach the day of access to the Beta phase and consecutively to the final realization of the game by #FrontierDevelopments on the 17th of November. 2016-10-09-at-03-14-06 We have seen a lot of activity in the forums, Facebook official page, on YouTube and also in our popular group Theme Park Simulation Games. And most important and brilliant thing happening right now is that our list of friends and subscriptions keeps growing in aritario’s Planet Coaster Workshop on Steam . What else can I ask for? Happiness, this is pure happiness!

The first image you see above is from our Centrepiece entry on “Party in the Park”. You can find the download here. The next video is the round-up visualization on it:

Also, take a look to 2016-10-04-at-00-06-23 the park we submitted for this event which is available on our Steam Workshop. This Foundation Park has plenty of space for your favorites roller coaster and rides.

As a plus, I included my Botanical Garden. Party In The Park, Live Your Dream On!!!2016-10-04-at-00-34-14

This workshop asset was recently featured in a LiveStream at #PlanetCoaster Facebook Official Page.

… and Now! Ta ta ta taaaa… Our Fantasy Flowers Scenery has been featured not one but “three times” during the past days and here are the glorious moments:

-First we had Frontier’s Community Manager Bo Marit and Head of Animation, Nick Rodgers, who were Live with another episode of Planet Coaster –  Workshop Wonderland on Oct. 12, 2016. The conversation was about some of the favorite submissions on the Steam Workshop and our “Fantasy Flowers Scenery” took some time of this episode to flourish on front of the screen. For an specific look of the set on this episode watch the following video-wrap I did for the occasion:

-Second to the LiveStream we realized the “Fantasy Flowers Scenery” 2016-10-16-at-15-14-25 made it to the main screen of Planet Coaster Workshop on Steam among others users creations. See the  screenshot for a complete visual experience.



-The third, the best! We received the Planet Coaster Newsletter on Oct. 12 and our reaction was speechless. 2016-10-16-at-20-07-23 Subscribers from all over the world can receive these magnificent packs of news with links, pictures, videos, interviews, behind-the-scenes… and this time our precious item was included on the 2nd Newsletter. Take a look and follow the “Spotlight On” section.

-Specially for you! If you are reading this, then you’ll be among the first people to see every flower included on the set separately each one from other. Available right now for download.

See the collection on our Steam Workshop

Finally I’m going to show you our most recent item on the workshop and let me say Big Thx to all of you who subscribed and made this new item one of the favorite for the “Most Popular Items in One Week”.

“aritario’s Halloween Large Pumpkin Scenery”

Available on Planet Coaster Steam Workshop


What’s next?

Check this sneak peek and drop a line in the comments if you guess what’s next on our workshop. Stay tuned for something awesome!


See you soon!

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