Happy Halloween!!!

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Happy Halloween to everybody! Here’s our latest work playing Planet Coaster (PlanCo) and as always you can find it along other recreations on our dedicated workshop in steam site
For this time and celebrating the release of new dlc “World Fair”, here’s a small, modern and beautiful set of furniture to be used all the way around your parks.

In The Works… just a sneak peak of our amazing adventure ride with a strong presence of the Adventure Pack from PlanCo:

Talking about dlc’s, here’s the link related to all the info you need to know about the all the dlc from PlanCo, including the whole game base!


A good week…

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Have an awesome week everybody! Me at the moment….

-Wishing that Frontier Developments give us at least 10 dinos in animatronic form on the next DLC along with a new construction set, Boat and Jeep rides… That’s all.

-That everything goes well at my job

-To have some time finishing with luggage for my next journey


#PlanetCoaster Work… Construction Set – YouTube

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The last, the first…

Oh my my… here we come after a long hiatus due to some problems with my data with WordPress and bla bla bla….. That’s enough, let’s start the party with the last blueprint playing Planet Coaster. Right from the Studios Pack comes this crazy set with a lot of people (animatronics) with different positions and accessories. This is entry #216 included on our workshop in Steam